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Working to improve the lives of people with cognitive disabilities. Assistive Technology Partners


Goal 1. Advance knowledge about the effectiveness of testing-based and standards-based engineering approaches for evaluating the quality and usability of new and improved assistive technologies aimed at enhancing participation among individuals with cognitive disabilities.

Goal 2. Advance knowledge about what design features enhance the use and efficacy of new and emerging assistive technologies by and for children and adults with cognitive disabilities implemented at home, school, work and play. Technologies to be studied, in early deployments, include animated interactive agents, context- and location- aware prompting, theory-based vocabulary enhancement, and interactive robots for children.

Goal 3. Increase capacity to conduct interdisciplinary rehabilitation research by engaging student and postdoctoral scientists and engineers in investigating existing, emerging and new technologies that enhance or extend opportunities for participation at home, school, work or play by persons of all ages with cognitive disabilities.

Goal 4. Increase the capacity for technology transfer and potential commercialization in the emerging marketplace for cognitive technologies for persons with intellectual/ developmental disabilities (IDD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and dementias by targeted publication, dissemination of consumer-oriented product ratings, and cooperation with standards organizations and industry and consumer groups

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Funding is provided by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research under the US Department of Education, Grant #H133E090003, the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities and Assistive Technology Partners.

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